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Fiona is available to see children, siblings and parents at the London Children’s Practice.

The use of visual art as a therapeutic tool is extremely beneficial for children. It can provide a means of expression and communication for those who have difficulties with speech and language and/or learning and behavioural issues. By building the visual vocabulary, children can explore and express thoughts and feelings that have been otherwise inaccessible through the spoken word.

All relationships are complex, not in the least that of the parent and child. Art Therapy sessions can be booked for parents of children with disabilities. In these sessions, parents can explore the emotions and anxieties around supporting children with special needs. Children who have siblings with disabilities can sometimes feel unseen because of their ability to cope and function at a higher level than their siblings. Art Therapy can provide them with the opportunity to process their emotions, explore their role in the family and develop their sense of self.

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Mental Health

Art Therapy is beneficial for people who experience a broad range of mental health issues. It can be less confronting and yet deeper reaching than talking modes of therapy. Fiona has provided art therapy to individuals diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, ADHD, Learning and Intellectual Disabilities, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. She is also available for consultation with the "worried well"; people who may be experiencing a period of stress or difficulty in their lives, or those who simply wish to work on personal development and self exploration.

Gender Identity

Working with the creative process can be an excellent way to explore yourself and trial different ways of being. Perhaps you are struggling with societal expectations of traditional gender roles, questioning your gender identity or embarking on a transitional journey. Art Therapy is also extremely useful for those facing discrimination, or who have anxieties around acceptance from loved ones, family and peers. Art Therapy sessions can be highly beneficial for both individuals and their family members; opening dialogues and fostering exploration in a safe, supportive space. Fiona is also available to deliver Art Therapy workshops about gender diversity within schools and organisations.