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Art Therapy

dis|sec¦tion: The action of dissecting a body or plant to study its internal parts

Art Therapy is much like other forms of counselling and talking therapies except that in Art Therapy, concerns are also communicated and considered through your creative process. Art Therapy is not about creating attractive or technically brilliant artwork and it is not necessary to have artistic skills to participate. It is a space for you to express your feelings and investigate your thoughts with the support of an Art Therapist who is trained in both artistic and psychological theory.

Issues become illuminated and are explored by experimenting with specific themes and materials. This can include painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and digital media. The Art Therapist works in partnership with you in the task of dissecting the symbolic layers of your art making, to bring to light meanings and create new pathways through problems. Both the creative process and the artistic product are reflected upon in order to gain fresh insight into unconscious motivations and patterns.

The art created in art therapy is formed by conscious intention, yet is also comprised of unconscious knowledge and hidden feelings. As this is examined; or dissected, the creator of the art work gains awareness of the underlying issues that direct their emotions and thoughts. This is achieved by using visual art as a tool to uncover that which can be otherwise only glimpsed in dreams. Unlike the dream, visual art is not transient or fleeting; it is graspable, visible and decipherable. It remains in the physical, conscious world and can be stepped back from and considered with curiosity, perspective and distance.